My work is based on astronomical theories and discoveries. I undertook the project "the _unseen series" in 2017 and have been working with the night sky ever since. As a Visual Artist I believe it is important for me to create a body of work that combines both science and visual art in an accessible yet spontaneous way. I am determined to expand my knowledge in history and astronomy through my artistic works. Lines, brushstrokes and symbols are measured precisely and interpreted through my gestures. Creating colourful contemporary patterns and designs from star constellations/asterisms through paint, photography and research is a prominent factor of my work. Our Solar System moves strictly and we are relentlessly discovering more about its presence each day. 

The _unseen series derives from what is unseen in our world, and what wonder is above. I portray my idea of the night sky, time and space through abstract visual representations as well as through research and literature. In relation to my creative process, it is the empty space that represents my lack of knowledge to understand the greater aspects of our Solar System and the use bright colours illustrate my curiosity. I will continue to endeavor identifying the world beyond our sky, a world that contains so many unanswered questions.

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