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I undertook the #ArtInTheStreetsOf project when I was approached through Instagram by Austrian artist Kathrin Ferner-Wenzl, who founded the project in June 2020. I began exhibiting my work from 4.February 2021 and work as the main representative for Berlin, Germany. I choose various locations around the city to publicly showcase my work, abiding to strict Covid-19 guidelines. With galleries closed due to lockdown, being part of this project is a great way to use nature as an exhibiting space. Each week I post my paintings with the #ArtInTheStreetsOf hashtag on Instagram. 


Before Covid-19, gathering information and connecting with others through digital communications has been extremely useful but not necessarily essential. Since Covid-19, the art sector is adapting and online conversion is vital in order to collaborate with other artists and practitioners and brainstorm ideas in team settings.

Being part of an online social media project has improved my IT skills, sped up my adaptation to online teamwork communications and enhanced my artistic practice to a more technical medium I would not have considered before 2020. This experience collaborating with creative, like-minded individuals has immensely broadened my outlook on my art and the format of exhibiting work.

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