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I began the _unseen series with the Libelle, (English translation: dragonfly) and slowly moved through spectrums of artistic notions from there. The Libelle is an important symbol to me, it represents everything that is perfect and beautiful in a world full of destruction and pollution. The Libelle is what we see as unattractive, however it’s attributes make it one of the most enchanting and wonderful creatures earth has to offer. It is the one who cleans up all the crap left over from the others.

This soon became a series of photography work, whereby the model reenacts the Libelle. Once again, not very attractive to look at on a first glance, but then the beauty of their determination and stress becomes apparent, and we see them as a warrior, a hero even.

The Libelle also represents mother nature herself, with wings cutting through the clouds and the raindrops falling peacefully on the ground around. The Libelle is a creature many can not understand, not because one does not want to, but one cannot see beyond the wall of rejection the Libelle has built.

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